Freedom Watch is Off The Air

It is pretty known by now that this show is cancelled. Many libertarians, like myself, find it horrible since Freedom Watch was one of the few libertarian shows on mainstream media. No doubt Fox News will lose a lot of their libertarian audience now, but I guess this is good since Fox News constantly bash libertarians like no other. Its quite sad that libertarians have to deal with all this bull that Fox News spits out at us. Anyway here are a couple of Freedom Watch vids, and as a concluding thought, I wonder how long John Stossel has on Fox News.


2 responses to “Freedom Watch is Off The Air

  1. I loved Freedom Watch and am sad to see it go, but the criticism of Fox News is not warranted in this case. The show was broadcast on Fox Business, and its cancellation was due to a rebranding effort. We should be glad that Fox gave Napolitano a chance, and that he continues to be on board and will most likely get another show in the future! Considering that Freedom Watch was one of the best rated shows on Fox Business, maybe it won’t take a long time before we all get to see it πŸ™‚
    Great blog by the way, I’ve been visiting regularly and you made me put Lachmann high on my to-read list πŸ™‚

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