The Reason for My Hiatus

I am very surprised to have received a good amount of emails asking where I have been and why I haven’t been posting on this blog. It makes my day that people actually like what I have to say, so thanks for the support. The short answer to my hiatus is school. I just finished doing a 10 page paper on the differences between the political systems of the United States and Germany for Comparative Politics, I am currently working on a case study explaining the US government policies taken to account for the inflation during the 1970’s in Public Policy, I finished a paper arguing for drug legalization for a logic class, and am currently writing a paper on the logical arguments for and against abortion, and I have been doing a lot of microeconomics studying. On top of that, I am also part of the Economics club and part of a Secular group here in New Mexico as well. Hopefully after Finals week, I will be posting at a regular basis.

On a side note, I have been asked what I thought about the Paul vs Krugman debate. I did not like this debate at all. It was very general and Ive heard the arguments presented by both sides over and over again in other debates that I found this debate to be pointless. I think the debate would have been better if Krugman actually debated an economist from the Austrian School, instead of Ron Paul. Now a debate that I actually enjoyed was the Steve Keen vs Krugman debate. Keen is definitely an economist that ranks highly in my mind and the debate between Krugman just shows why I love Keen. Actually, the debate itself sucked, but I liked the debate because Keen slaughtered Krugman, The debate sucked because Krugman was basically attacking the endogenous money position presented by Keen but Krugman did not fully (or, I would claim, even partially) grasp the position. The debate was one big giant straw man, and I just hated that.

Also, people’s comments on this blog are not showing up because I have not approved them yet, give me some time and they will be up soon.

-Isaac Marmolejo


4 responses to “The Reason for My Hiatus

  1. Well this is good news… I thought you left for good. You arent part of Students for Liberty, or any libertarian group at UNM?

      • How libertarian do you consider yourself to be? I say this because aren’t you at odds with other libertarians in economics?

        • Are you saying that all libertarians agree on economics and since I disagree with a lot of libertarians on econ, that makes me ‘less’ libertarian? If this is what you mean by your comment, then you are seriously closed mind.

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