Economists Suck At Jokes, What Is Your Point?

Well, Paul Krugman the other day made his common ‘solution’ to build some public works because of a possible alien invasion. Of course, some people in the blogsphere criticize Krugman afterwards as if he was serious in this, when in fact this was a joke, not a very good one but this is besides the point. Or at least, it was a joke the way he put it, since he considers this railway to be a ‘serious proposal’. To criticize Krugman on this point in itself just shows people’s lack of sense of humor and its a great example of red herring.

Obviously though, what he is serious about is that he believes there needs to be an increase in public spending, of course to boost demand. This is something to criticize if you don’t agree with him. But to attack Krugman on his ‘alien invasion’ joke as if he was serious is just ridiculous.


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