I hope we can all agree, regardless of what economic school of thought appeals to you, that the Robert Murphy – Warren Mosler  debate was a waste of time.

The main problem with the debate is that it lacked direction as to what the whole debate was going to be about. I tuned into the debate asking myself, “What are these guys going to debate about,” and by the end of the debate I asked myself, “What the hell were these guys supposed to debate about?”

This was probably the worst organized debate I have ever heard/seen, I hope Columbia did not pay too much for the debate.

3 responses to “Really?!

  1. Yes, you are right. It was disappointing.

    Also, why not have a radical subjectivist debate Murphy or Rothbardians in general?

    I would find that more interesting, to see what divergences exist within the current Austrian school.

    • Well, I guess the problem with a radical subjectivist – Misesian/Rothbardian debate is that there are not any prominent radical subjectivists to debate against the latter group.

      Though I must say, there is already, in a sense, a radical subjectivist – Rothbardian/Misesian debate, with Murphy criticizing the pure time preference theory of interest. I wish this was a more pressing issue for Austrians in their circles, instead the vast majority of Austrian circle discussions are about Keynesians and libertarianism.

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