The Ignorance of Politicians on Social Issues and A Quick Comment on Michael Moore’s Documentary

I really do not know where Romney gets the information that the foundingĀ  fathers made clear in the Constitution that marriage is between a man and lady. TheĀ  veteran has a point though, by not allowing equal marriage, one is limiting the rights of gays. I guess you can make the ‘Bachmann’ argument in saying that it is just the law that gay’s cant get married to each other, but they still can get married, just to the opposite sex, thus, they still have ‘equal’ rights. But as I have shown, this is hardly a good argument.

One has to give Penn credit for his frustration here. This is indeed true, we have Obama admitting to have taken drugs (even drugs harder than marijuana) and yet he is still a strong opponent to at least decriminalize drugs. If I had to choose what is the strong suit of libertarianism, I would have to say it would be on social issues, like this on drugs.


I just finished seeing Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story and I got to admit some of it is worth considering, namely the connection between Wall Street and the government. Moore does a good case in pointing out that Wall Street plays a big role in government policy. What is disappointing though, is that he does not have the same criticism for Obama or his administration. Keep in mind, Moore criticizes the government officials’ connections to Wall Street, but fails to mention that some of those people are in the Obama administration! Clear two examples I thought of after I saw the ending credits to the documentary were Tim Geithner and Larry Summers, two big officials to consider, given that they probably play a big part in advising Obama. I am not going to say it is a crime to have Wall Street people in a president’s administration, but Moore should at least criticize Obama for it, he has about the same number of Wall Street people in his administration as previous presidents. For example, those connected to Goldman Sachs includes Gary Gensler, Gregory Craig, Sonal Shah, Rahm Emanuel*, Stephen Friedman, Robert Hormats, Mark Patterson, Adam Storch, and Alexander Lasry. Keep in mind, these are just people connected to Goldman Sachs. This is why it shocks me when Obama or anyone else claims to be the anti-Wall Street type of guy. I mean if this were seriously true, would he really have people, who have done really well in Wall Street, advising him?

*another person Moore directly criticizes in his film but leaves out the info that he is part of the Obama admin.